• Limited Edition “Nude Purism” by Catrice

    Hi everyone!

    When I was out shopping yesterday, I spotted a new Catrice display in the drug store... yep, the new Nude Purism collection had arrived and it looked gorgeous! Apparently other customers had the same idea as the display was already half empty so I didn't think twice and all polishes came with me :)

    From the Catrice website:
    Ease. Elegance. Freshness. In spring 2015, designers are loving the interaction of transparent fabrics and beautiful, flowing cuts. Soft nude tones, off white, sand and pink go hand in hand. The new wardrobe embraces elegant, all-over nude as a trendy understatement. New interpretations of 90’s fashion are convincing with their pure minimalism. The Limited Edition “Nude Purism” by CATRICE picks up on the trend with a perfectly aligned “no make-up” or “nude” look; a feminine and extremely natural-looking make-up style that dominated all the big fashion shows this season. From the end of February until the end of March 2015, this edition offers long-lasting quattro eyeshadows, lipsticks with a glossy finish as well as nail polishes in taupe, coffee, rosé and a cool light blue. Nude sets the tone – by CATRICE.

    Catrice Nude Purism C01 Taupe-less, C02 Barely Pink, C03 Pure Blue, C04 Naked Brown
    The polishes come in the usual round, 10 ml bottles but the caps are matted this time with the name of the collection on it (Nude Purism). I was pleasantly surprised by the brushes. No hairs sticking out or wonky cuts this time, but a thick, round cut brush this time that fanned out really nice. Dry time was pretty fast and all polishes dried with a glossy shine (I haven't used top coat in any picture). In the bottle each polish seems to have a slight shimmer but I couldn't see it on my nails, not even under direct light. I don't mind though as I love cremes and I think the colors are perfect for spring. All polishes had a thin formula but it wasn't runny it applied quite good. The first coat went on patchy but the second and third coat (when needed) evened it out really nice.

    Let's take a closer look.

    Catrice Nude Purism C01 Taupe-less - indoors, no flash
    The first polish is a nude color named Taupe-less. It's a perfect office friendly polish and I really like it, even though it might not be the best for my skin tone. In the picture you see three thin coats, no top coat.

    Catrice Nude Purism C02 Barely Pink - indoors, no flash
    The second one is a pale pink called Barely Pink. I didn't expect to like it very much as I'm not a big pink lover, but I totally fell for the clean, fresh look. It's a great palate cleanser but I can also see myself using this as a base for nail art. In the picture you see three thin coats (and no top coat) but I could have gotten away with two if I had applied it a bit more careful.

    Catrice Nude Purism C03 Pure Blue - indoors, no flash
    Pure Blue, the third polish, is a very pale blue that was another surprise for me. I expected this to be chalky but no such thing. It's the blue sister of Barely Pink: clean, fresh and glossy and again I think it's going to be a great base for nail art. In the picture two slightly thicker coats and no top coat.

    Catrice Nude Purism C04 Naked Brown - indoors, no flash
    Last but not least the fourth polish: Naked Brown. This was the polish I was most drawn to in the store and it didn't disappoint. Naked Brown is a muddy, grayish brown that combines perfectly with the other colors in this collection. This is two easy coats, no top coat.

    I absolutely love this collection! The colors all go together, the formula was easy to work with, the brushes were fine... definitely happy I bought all of them. What do you think? Have you picked a favorite already?


    1. ROFLMAO!! I've had those panic moments. "omg but if I come back later they'll all be gone!" *snatch and run* hehehe I really like Pure Blue. Very fresh and clean looking. ^_^

      1. Hehe, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! I just KNEW it was totally normal behavior ;)


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