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    Hi everyone!

    Last week, between blowing my nose, steaming over a bowl of hot water with menthol stuff in it (my mom swears by that remedy and who am I to contradict her) and sleeping, I received a small package with two gorgeous polishes in it and I just had to get up and polish my nails. I mean, just look at the picture... how can anyone just NOT put that on immediately after it arrived? (just don't look too closely at the sorry state of my cuticles... they were sick too ;)

    indoors, no flash - no top coat
    This beauty is Aerodynamic by ModLacquer. I first saw it on Marias Nail Art and Polish blog and I immediately fell in love with it: a scattered, green holo, what is not to love about that? So I went to the ModLacquer store to see how much it would set me back (which turned out to be 10 euros and shipping). On the page for Aerodynamic it said the formula was changed and the new batch was more blue than green, so I send Jennifer, the store owner, a message to ask if Maria used the old color or the new one in her post. Jennifer replied that she thought it was the old color but if I wanted that one, she could add it if I ordered the new one. Two polishes for the price of one? Yes please!! So I ordered the new one and waited (impatiently) for the mail to arrive.

    In the picture you can see two coats of the old version of Aerodynamic, a seriously gorgeous dusty green scattered holo. The first coat was a little sheer but the second coat made it completely opaque. It doesn't dry to a very glossy finish but it's completely smooth so top coat is only needed if you want that gloss on your nails. I liked it the way it was, so I didn't add top coat.

    indoors, flash - no top coat
    I made a picture with the flash of my camera to show the rainbows but that didn't work out too well... When direct light hits your nails, they turn into a sparkle fest but my camera didn't want to capture any of it (but there's a slightly better picture at the end of this post so keep reading ;)

    indoors, no flash - no top coat
    Of course I wanted to compare the old and the new version of Aerodynamic so after wearing this manicure for two days I removed the polish on my index and ring and painted those with two thin coats of the new color. As you can see the colors are really different. The old version is green (the color of an aventurine pendant I have but can't find at the moment) and the new version is way more blue. Also in real life it looked like the new version dried a bit more glossy but looking at the picture I don't see much difference. The new version could probably have been a one coater if I had used a thicker coat so I'll try stamping with in the future. I don't think I can do that with the old version as that one definitely needed two coats (but I'll probably try anyway). Of course I had to make a picture with flash to show the scattered holo effect in both polishes :)

    indoors, flash - no top coat
    You can even see the color difference in the bottles:
    ModLacquer Aerodynamic: old version (left), new version (right)

    I'm really happy to own both versions of Aerodynamic. I've already spotted more scattered holos in Jennifers store so I expect this won't be a one time visit :)

    Have you heard of ModLacquer and if so, have you tried out any  polishes already?

    ModLacquer Aerodynamic (new version) was bought from ModLacquer Etsy store,
    ModLacquer Aerodynamic (old version) was given to me by ModLacquer Etsy store,


    1. Definitely like the green version better. ^_^ The only way I've found to really put across the sparkle-point is to get up close, even if it's blurry. For some reason the sparkles really thin out and disappear (in the pictures) from farther away. >_>

      1. I fell in love with the green one when I saw swatches but the blue one is very nice as well... and different enough to be happy to have them both :)

        I'm going to try a close-up next time I wear a holo. I can't make it much worse anway ;)


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