21 July 2015

Italian ice cream manicure - part deux

Hi everyone!

I had a little free time between dinner, doing the dishes and getting ready for bed, so I decided to try and stamp yesterday's ice cream nails using Hit The Bottle As Black As Night and MoYou London plate Fashionista 04.

indoors, no flash
While stamping my right hand I managed to get some black stamping polish on my left index so I had to redo that nail. Instead of polishing it in the original green, OPI Damone Roberts 1968, I decided to add a little extra color and used OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? and to make sure my right hand got some attention too, my right pinky was done in the same orange. It looks a bit darker in this picture as it is in real life though, so imagine it's a bit lighter and slightly more dusty.

I like this look... a lot! I can definitely look at these nails for another day or two :)
What do you like best? Stamped or not?


  1. I like both! But, then, you knew that already, huh? ;)

    1. Me? Never!! *tries to look totally innocent*

  2. The stamping works great - so yes, I also like both!

    1. Thanks, I guess that makes three of us :)


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