05 July 2015

Needle nail fail

Hi everyone!

The last challenge in the PPSA Nail Challenge is Needle and as I didn't do the sugar spun one, I was determined to do a needle manicure. I mean, how hard can it be? All the girls on YouTube make it look SO easy...

After trying it for the first time I decided to do a skittlette so I would only have to do two nails with this technique. After messing up the same nail for the third time I promised myself I would stop if it looked remotely decent. This is the result of the ninth attempt at needle art when I decided enough was enough and from a distance, with squinted eyes and in low light this didn't look too bad...

indoors, no flash

The base color is Catrice Bricky Mouse and after painting all my nails but my ring finger with two thin coats, I slathered on a thick layer of this brick colored polish on my ring. I immediately added two dots of OPI Alpine Snow and grabbed the tiniest dotting tool I have to drag the white polish towards my cuticle in the S shapes YouTube told me to do.

I used Alpine Snow to make a few dots on my other nails. Don't ask me why, I thought it was a good idea.

As Fairy Dust (by China Glaze) is supposed to improve everything, I added a thin layer of it over all the white parts and I finished with Seche Vite on all my nails in an attempt to get a smooth finish.

As usual the bottle shot:
Catrice Bricky Mouse, OPI Alpine Snow, China Glaze Fairy Dust 
So what did I learn from this experience?
1) Don't trust girls on YouTube who tell you needle art is the easiest thing ever
2) Dots don't always make a good addition to a manicure
3) There are things even Fairy Dust can not improve
What do you think? Should I have destroyed the photographs and not expose the world to it? ;)

The other ladies who participated in the PPSA Nail Challenge were way smarter than me when interpreting Needle:

China Glaze Fairy Dust was bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. Nooo don't destroy it! I think it's very well done. And the dots added something else to the mix.

    1. Thank you!
      As it turned out I didn't have the time to redo my nails, and there is no way I'm going out without some sort of nail polish, so I wore this for almost three days... I have to admit it kind of grew on me but I still don't love it ;)

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think it looks great! And the dots help balance out the white needled accent. It's not an easy technique to really appreciate up close, especially if you're the one doing it, because it's always going to look thick and if you get the "needle" down to the nail you'll always notice that part, but nobody else does. :)

    1. Thank hun! You're absolutely right about the thick look and the parts where I poked through to my nail. I'm going to try this technique again one day... but probably not in the near future ;)


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