02 July 2015

Dark and vampy manicure

Hi everyone,

the second to last challenge the PPSA ladies came up with is Dark & Vampy...

<insert ominous silence>

Yep, you read that right: dark and vampy, while thermometers can't even seem to measure the temperature outside (we reached an all time record of 38.2 degrees Celcius today) and ice cream sellers can't keep up with the demands of the overheated masses. But Dark & Vampy they requested, so Dark & Vampy they will receive (or at least my take on it).

indoors, no flash
The main polish you see is the absolutely fabulous, uber gorgeous, totally must have Fancy Gloss Frozen Berries. Friends of ours who live in Singapore brought this with them when they came back for a family visit and I'm still completely smitten with it. Just look at it: a beautiful dark plum, scattered holo, reddish gold flash... it's almost blasphemy to do nail art on it! To make it even better the formula is absolutely perfect, it's a one coater so I figured I could use it for stamping. And that's what I did :)

indoors, flash
I used one coat of Fancy Gloss Frozen Berries on my index, middle finger and pinky. On my thumb and ring finger I painted two coats of OPI Skating on Thin Ice-land. All nails were covered in a coat of Seche Vite to help them dry. After drying I used Frozen Berries and UberChic plate 1-01 to stamp my thumb and ring finger. It's subtle but I like it... a lot, especially in the sunshine (which we have plenty of at the moment).

outside, flash
These are the polishes I used:
Fancy Gloss Frozen Berries, OPI Skating on Thin Ice-land

What do you think? Is this dark and vampy enough to qualify?

These are the beautiful creations the other ladies did for Dark & Vampy:

Fancy Gloss Frozen Berries was bought from Mei Mei's Signatures.
UberChic plate 1-01 was bought from UberChic Beauty (thank you Brittany!!!).


  1. Very cool! Or... hot? lol We've been about average temperatures here, just a lot of rain. -_-

    1. Want to trade? I'll take some of your rain and you can have some of my sunshine :)


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