• Polish Alcoholic - Temple of Doom, Filthy Phil and Cuticle Food

    Hi everyone!

    It's been a long time since I've worn a polish all by itself without any nail art but these beauties don't need anything to make them more gorgeous (although next time I'm wearing them I'll definitely try stamping on them ;)

    First up: Polish Alcoholic - Temple of Doom:
    indoors, no top coat, no flash

    Temple of Doom is a beautiful burnt orange polish that is packed with small gold and pink-ish glitters. In the picture you see three thin coats and no top coat. It dries to an hardly noticeable textured finish but if that bothers you, all you need is one layer of top coat and it's no longer there. I loved everything about this polish, the color, the glitters that show up even in the shade... it's just perfect for autumn! Temple of Doom is part of the Fall 2015 collection so it's still available in Sabrina's store).

    The second polish is Polish Alcoholic - Filthy Phil:
    indoors, no top coat, no flash
    Filthy Phil is part of the SAMCRO 2 collection that was released in July 2015. It's an absolutely stunning grayed purple polish stuffed to the brim with small green and rose-to-gold-shifting glitters that change color as soon as you move your fingers. As you can imagine, this polish caused a lot of finger wiggling... all to give you a thorough review of course ;) It also dries to a very slight texture that vanishes when you apply top coat over it, but I liked the not too glossy look so in the picture you see three thin coats and no top coat. Filthy Phil is still available here (but at least one of the polishes of the SAMCRO 2 collection is already sold out so I wouldn't wait too long if you want to add this beauty to your stash).

    The bottles:
    Polish Alcoholic Temple of Doom, Polish Alcoholic Filthy Phil
    Sabrina changed her bottles from the round ones she used to have to these lovely rectangular ones. I'm pretty happy with the new ones as the cap is a bit longer so I think the brush is easier to handle. The contents are still the same, 10 ml each.

    Also included in my package was a small sampler of Polish Alcoholic Cuticle Food in the scent Woodland Elves. I had seen the product in her store but since I have a jar of Lemony Flutter that is still more than half full and some bottles of cuticle oil that I haven't even used yet, I didn't pay the cuticle food much attention. I mean, how much cuticle stuff does one need, right? I actually overlooked the plastic cup in the package as I was already unwrapping the polishes (read: I was frantically attacking the poor wrapped bottles with scissors and other sharp objects to get them out in the open so I could see the colors) but fortunately my husband saw "something" and rescued it before it would be thrown out. After I admired my new polishes, I turned my attention to the creme colored candle wax like substance inside a small plastic lidded cup. I carefully rubbed a finger over the surface and immediately a lovely smell of fir trees filled my nose. I didn't expect a lot to be honest but boy, was I wrong! Just the teeny little bit that was on my finger was sufficient for four fingers. It was absorbed into my cuticles very quickly to leave them feeling so much softer, looking healthier and not shiny at all. Extra win: the scent is just great! My husband is not a big fan of heavy or flowery scents and he mutters about Lemony Flutter from time to time, but he absolutely loves these fir trees. Once I get to the bottom of my sampler, I'll definitely purchase a full sized tin (I'm just hoping I can talk Sabrina into doing custom scents as Woodland Elves is a limited edition seasonal scent...).

    Polish Alcoholic is a dutch indie brand that sells through Etsy and ships worldwide. Sabrina, the genius behind Polish Alcoholic, not only makes beautiful polishes and great nail care products but is also a really nice person to talk to (which comes in handy when you ask her to make custom polishes :)

    Polish Alcoholic Temple of Doom and Filthy Phil were bought from Polish Alcoholic.


    1. Oh my goodness those are gorgeous!! I especially like Temple Of Doom. ^_^ I love when sellers are willing to ship anywhere. *thumbs up*

      1. Same here... I hate seeing something I really like only to discover I can't get my greedy hands on it because I live somewhere else :(


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