• Limited Edition “FALLosophy” by Catrice

    Hi everyone!

    When my mother came by today she not only brought the coughing syrup I had asked for, but she bought the entire FALLosophy collection for me! Of course I had to try them out and I figured I could do a swatch post to show you the new colors... and boy, they are beautiful!

    From the Catrice website:
    Imaginative Objectivity. Artistic romance meets minimalistic straightforwardness. The fall collections are a stylish mix. New interpretations of classics such as sophisticated capes create a modern “Little Red Riding Hood” look, while beautiful gowns with floral embroidery and flowing fabrics in midi and maxi length draw lots of attention. Muted brown and green as well as bold berry shades welcome the new season, while soft rosé is reminiscent of the summer and sets feminine highlights. Inspired by the international fashion shows, the Limited Edition “FALLosophy” by CATRICE embraces the autumn trends and offers matching beauty must-haves with graceful leaf artwork conveying the atmosphere of a fall forest from mid September to mid November 2015. Adorable autumn – by CATRICE.
    Catrice FALLosophy C01 Mystic Moss, C02 Mauving Leaves, C03 Berrytale, C04 Fabulous Fox-ia, C05 Morning Dew
    The polishes come in the usual round, 10 ml bottles but the caps have a silver leaf printed on them (in the bottle shot it looks like the leaf is multicolored but that is actually a reflection of some books there were behind me when I took the picture). The brushes were the same as usual: thick and sort of round cut, no hairs sticking out or wonky shapes so basically a normal functional brush. Dry time of all polishes was average and the formula was good as well. All polishes (except Morning Dew) were opaque in two coats so that definitely made me happy :)

    Want to see what I received?
    Catrice FALLosophy C01 Mystic Moss - indoors, no flash, no top coat
    The first polish is called Mystic Moss, a dusty seafoam green polish that is packed with silver shimmer. To my surprise I actually liked the shimmer in it, it just works. I thought it would be a nightmare to remove with glittery bits everywhere but it hardly left anything on my skin :) In the picture you see two coats, no top coat.

    Catrice FALLosophy C02 Mauving Leaves - indoors, no flash, no top coat

    The second one, Mauving Leaves, is a lovely mauve creme that dries to a super glossy finish. In the picture you see two coats, no top coat.

    Catrice FALLosophy C03 Berrytale - indoors, no flash, no top coat
    Berrytale, the third polish, was a bit of a surprise. In the bottle and while applying it I could see a gorgeous red shimmer but when the polish dried it turned matte and the shimmer all but disappeared. I could only see it under direct light, which I thought was a shame. So I added top coat to see if it would make the shimmer more visible.

    Catrice FALLosophy C03 Berrytale - indoors, no flash, with top coat
    It did show up a bit more, but of course my crappy photography skills couldn't capture it on camera. So I tried using the flash to see if that helped... Ha! That's when my camera turned nasty and gave me zombie hands but still no shimmer.

    Catrice FALLosophy C03 Berrytale - indoors, flash and top coat
    I decided to use my mobile phone and THAT one managed to capture the shimmer, even though my hand looks like I don't need a costume for Halloween ;) In real life the shimmer is way more visible but I guess it's just camera shy... Oh, and in all pictures I used two coats of polish and top coat where indicated.

    Catrice FALLosophy C04 Fabulous Fox-ia - indoors, no flash, no top coat
    Fourth polish is a beautiful berry creme with a super glossy finish that is called Fabulous Fox-ia. I guess the name is some sort of wordplay on fuchsia but I don't see anything that resembles fuchsia at all, just a glorious berry which is perfectly fine with me. Two coats, no top coat.

    Catrice FALLosophy C05 Morning Dew - indoors, no flash, no top coat
    The fifth and final polish in this collection is called Morning Dew. In the bottle it looks like a peach colored polish with lots of small silvery white flakies. The flakies are there but the polish is very sheer and there is no way you can get this fully opaque. It definitely works better as a topper but since the base is colored it changes what's underneath as you can see in the picture. I used two coats over bare nails and Fabulous Fox-ia (and I swear my nails are nowhere near that ghastly yellow that you can see above).

    Apart from Morning Dew I really like all the polishes in this collection. They are perfect for fall and I can see myself reaching for them again the coming months. The two cremes are my favorites (that shouldn't come as a surprise) but the two shimmers are close runners up. Did you pick out a favorite already?


    1. Berrytale and Fabulous Fox-ia are my favorites!!

      1. I already figured you would like those best :)


    Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!