• Another stamped Lacquer Lust

    Hi everyone!

    Yup, a second post today... or rather, this is the post I wanted to do today before I came home to the package with polishes I showed off earlier.

    indoors, no flash
    This is Lacquer Lust - Butt Booty Naked (love the name!!), a nude colored holographic polish with a subtle but definitely visible rainbow. Butt Booty Naked is a dream to apply, two thin coats and it was opaque, one coat of Seche Vite to help it dry and done!

    I wore the polish like this for an entire day and I absolutely loved it. It's definitely office friendly and even when the light hits it, it isn't in your face but a very sophisticated, lady like rainbow instead. I should have taken a picture with flash to show off the awesomeness of this polish but I forgot :(

    I had already planned to stamp on BBN and after several attempts with polishes that just didn't work (thank goodness for Seche Vite that preserved my base when I wiped off another stamp that just didn't look right), this is what it turned out to be: metallic reddish purple swirlies using Kaleidoscope by El Corazon Foil Effect f-10 and Pueen plate 74.

    indoors, no flash
    And as I was just typing I forgot to take a picture with flash from the base, I immediately grabbed my phone to take a picture with flash from the stamped manicure so you can see the rainbows in BBN. You just have to look past the purple :)

    indoors, flash
    Last but not least, the bottle shot:
    Lacquer Lust Butt Booty Naked, Kaleidoscope by El Corazon Foil Effect f-10

    What do you think? Should I have left BBN "naked" or do you like the stamped manicure as well?

    Lacquer Lust Butt Booty Naked was bought from Norway Nails.
    Kaleidoscope by El Corazon Foil Effect f-10 was bought from Hypnotic Polish.
    Pueen plate 74 was bought from Nailways.


    1. OMG That looks amazing! ^_^ Great stamping!

      1. Thanks!! I finally managed to use the same part on all my nails AND in the same direction :)


    Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!