• Zoya Delight aka instant spring!

    Hi everyone,

    just a quick post today to show what was waiting for me when I came home this afternoon, soaking wet, hail stones still in my hair that was looking like something on my head exploded thanks to the gushes of wind that came with the hail, and a mood that even Godzilla would hide from...

    indoors, no flash
    Left to right: Rayne (blue), Lillian (aqua), Tiana (pistachio), Daisy (yellow), Leslie (lavender) and Eden (pink) - the new Zoya Spring Collection: Delight!

    I've left the picture as large as possible so you can zoom in to see the beautiful blue shimmer in Rayne, Daisy and Leslie (most visible in the picture in Rayne due to my not so perfect photographer skills but visible in all three in real life).

    My bad mood disappeared immediately after unwrapping these bottles of instant spring :)

    - swatches of the three metallics, Rayne, Leslie and Daisy can be found here.
    - swatch of the pink creme, Eden, can be found here.
    - swatch of the green creme, Tiana, can be found here.
    - swatch of the blue-green creme, Lillian, can be found here,

    Zoya Delight Spring 2015 collection was bought from Pretty Polish.

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    1. OMG YAY!!! :D Nothing quite like coming home to Zoya to make everything else disappear. ^_^ They all look so lovely!!


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