• Classic red manicure

    Hi everyone,

    a plain classic red manicure today with a bit of a background story.

    indoors, no flash
    Tomorrow is my fathers birthday. He passed away in 2011 so I can't go for a visit with cake and presents, but I can honor his memory by wearing his favorite kind of manicure: classic red without any form of nail art.

    He never commented on my manicures although I did see the occasional raised eyebrow. One day, completely out of the blue, he said he didn't mind the crazy colors and patterns I usually put on my nails but to him the most perfect manicure was a plain red one, not bright screaming in-your-face red but sophisticated and feminine. Ever since he told me that, I've been wearing a red manicure on his birthday and, later, also on the anniversary of his passing.

    I'm pretty sure he would have loved this color: OPI Romantically Involved.

    OPI Romantically Involved

    This one's for my dad.


    1. What sweet way to remember him.

    2. Aw That is so sweet! And very classic. I don't think my dad has ever commented on my nails unless I brought it up first... lol

      1. Hehe, that's why I was so surprised :)


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