• Lacquer Lust - Garnet, take 2: stamped

    Hi everyone!

    As I already said yesterday, when I showed off the gorgeous Lacquer Lust Garnet, if I managed to keep my manicure sort of intact I would try to stamp on it... so here's the stamped version!

    indoors, no flash
    I didn't want to stamp with white as I felt that was too harsh so I searched my entire stash for something that would combine nicely with a dark burgundy. My eye fell on Dance Legend New Prism 8 Fantastic Trip, a beautiful peach holographic polish with a very strong linear rainbow that was supposed to be good for stamping as well as polishing.

    They were absolutely right: Fantastic Trip stamped like a dream! I used a cute flower image from my brand new Lesly plate 12 for all my nails and I actually managed to keep the big flower on the same side on all my nails :)

    indoors, sunshine
    Even though most of the time it's gray and gloomy outside (not to mention freezing cold), the sun peek out for a short while so I ran over to the window to make a picture of my nails to show you just how strong the holo in Fantastic Trip is. You can even see it in the thin layer that makes up the stamp and it is way stronger in person. Of course at that exact time someone passed, looked to the side and actually stood there staring at what I was doing until I was done fidgeting with my mobile phone. I wonder what he was thinking (something with "crazy" in it, no doubt) :D

    These are the polishes I used:
    Lacquer Lust Garnet, Dance Legend New Prism 8 Fantastic Trip
    And I believe this manicure is good for no less than three challenges in the SBBNailChallenge: 38 - holo, 26 - stamping and 20 - last nail purchase... checked and scratched out!

    Stamping a holo with another holo is something I've never done before because I thought it would be way too blingy. It definitely is that, especially in the sunshine... but I like it!! Hope you like it too :)

    Lacquer Lust Garnet was bought from Norway Nails.
    Dance Legend New Prism 8 Fantastic Trip and Lesly plate 12 were bought from Hypnotic Polish.


    1. OMG That came out amazing!!! <3 <3 <3

      1. Thanks!! You should have seen me in the supermarket:
        - hubby was getting the groceries, I stared at my nails
        - hubby put everything on the belt, I stared at my nails
        - hubby put everything in the car, I stared at my nails
        - hubby pushed me towards the passenger seat, I asked what he was doing and where the groceries were :D


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