• Marsala skittlette

    Hi everyone!

    Pantone has chosen Marsala as the color of the year 2015. From their website:
    A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.

    I didn't have a clue what polishes were marsala, so I googled and I found Zoya Marney and Nicole by OPI Cinna-Man Of My Dreams are supposed to be perfect examples. And as it happens, those two have found a home with me so now they appear in my manicure :)

    indoors, no flash
    As you can see my right hand makes an appearance again and my nails are back to shorties. I had a small accident that wreaked havoc on my left hand and to spare you the sight of scratches, bruises and band aids I decided to photograph my right hand for a while. At least I'll get some more practice in painting my dominant hand ;)

    Anyway, on my pinkie you can see two thin coats of Nicole by OPI Cinna-Man Of My Dreams, a textured beauty with gorgeous multicolored shimmer in it.
    My index and thumb are covered in two thin coats of Zoya Marney (or is that Marnie? The label on my bottle says Marney but the Zoya website calls it Marnie... oh well, it sounds the same ;) that was released in Zoya's 2014 Naturel Deux collection and that dries quite a lot darker than the bottle color. I really like it but I can't see too much marsala in it as it looks brown to me instead of wine red... or maybe I just don't understand what marsala is ;)
    My ring and middle finger both wear three coats of Nicole by OPI Others Pale By Kim-parison, a sheer white with pink undertones that has a really glossy, squishy finish. After a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying I stamped with Marney/Marnie and Bundle Monster plate BM-021 (of the Revised 2010 collection). Another coat of Seche Vite on top of everything and I was done.

    Here's the line up of polish bottles:
    Zoya Marney, NOPI Others Pale By Kim-parison, NOPI Cinna-Man Of My Dreams

    Hope you like it! I know I do, marsala or not ;)

    Update: I entered my very first nail art challenge: the N.A.I.L. Linkup. You can see the other entries in the widget below (keeping my fingers crossed it works...).

    InLinkz Link-up for the N.A.I.L. Linkup

    Zoya Marney was bought from Nail Polish Fashion (closed).


    1. Very cool!! Yeah... If I had to sit and name every color I've ever known "marsala" would not be in there. Is that a color? Seems "wine" would have sufficed, but whatever. Still an awesome mani. ^_^

      1. Thank you! Hehe, I hear you! But even if they had called it "muddy-red-stuff" I would have liked the color and "marsala" is easier to remember ;)


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