07 October 2014

Green and golden leaves manicure

Hi everyone!

I finally did it! I stamped all my nails for a manicure and I didn't even mess up too bad, if I say so myself :)

When I saw the Golden Leaves manicure by Bregje from Oooh, Shinies, I wanted to do a manicure just like it so I checked my stash and I found the exact same green, a pretty good substitute for the gold and a plate with a leaf pattern. Not the elegant one Bregje used though (so that plate is now on my wishlist... just a couple more months until Santa comes along and I've been a really good girl ;)

This is my result:

Green and golden leaves - indoors, no flash
I used 2 coats of Catrice Squeeze Me as base color and all nails were stamped with China Glaze Passion and Bundle Monster plate BM-H11. As usual OPI Natural Base went underneath everything and Seche Vite was used before stamping and as top coat.

I still need a lot of practice but I'm really proud of my first stamped manicure. Hope you like it too :)

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