• Polish Alcoholic - Nothing To Be Desired

    Hi everyone!

    A quick post today with a beautiful made-for-me polish: Nothing To Be Desired by Polish Alcoholic.

    I saw a picture of Velvet Goldmine on Sabrina's Facebook page when she announced her Fall 2014 collection. I really liked it but I thought it would look even better if it were a darker color, like berry of burgundy. A couple of messages later and Sabrina agreed to try and make a berry version of Velvet Goldmine... and this is it!

    indoors, no flash
    Nothing To Be Desired is a gorgeous berry red jelly that is packed with small iridescent and rose gold glitter. I used three thin coats over OPI Natural Base to obtain full opacity, and two generous coats of Seche Vite to make the surface completely smooth (although one would probably have been enough if I had been more careful applying it).

    Making this polish with Sabrina was something I would happily do again (and probably will in the future). She was very patient and sent lots of pictures of the different polishes she mixed until it was just the way I envisioned it. When the package arrived, the bottle was wrapped in purple and pink crepe paper and closed with a small ribbon (and of course I ripped it open without taking a picture first...). Sabrina also made a custom label for the bottle so I won't have to remember its name.

    I just can't stop looking at my hands, the polish looks so squishy, the color is great and the glitters in the lower layers keep peeking through when I wiggle my fingers... definitely Nothing To Be Desired!

    Do you have custom made polishes in your stash?

    Nothing To Be Desired was custom made for me by Polish Alcoholic.
    You can request a custom polish through the blue button on the left of the shop.


    1. wow! a cutsom polish just for you? how cool. i don't have any custom polishes

      1. You should really try it... it is great to have your vision in a bottle :)
        Sabrina made it very easy and (added bonus) the price was the same as the 'normal' polishes in her store.


    Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!