13 October 2014

Rue & Margo skittlette

Hi everyone!

Another skittlette today, this time using two gorgeous Naturel colors by Zoya.

indoors, no flash
I painted my thumb and index with two thin coats of Zoya Margo (Naturel Deux collection). The other fingers were done in Zoya Rue (Naturel collection). After that I used three coats of Catrice Million Brilliance 04 Lost 'N Roses for my left pinky and right middle finger.
I used the same glitter polish in an attempt to make a glitter gradient on my left thumb and right index... I definitely need more practice!
Last but not least my left ring finger and right pinky were stamped using Zoya Margo and Konad plate M85.

indoors, no flash
I actually removed the glitter gradients a day after taking these pictures and painted them in Zoya Margo, just so I didn't have to look at that major fail :(
I liked the combination of the colors and the glitter though, so I will try it again :)

These are the polishes I used:

Catrice Lost 'N Roses, Zoya Margo, Zoya Rue
Do you wear your nail fails anyway or do you remove them as soon as possible?

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