• (Too) subtle stamped manicure

    Hi everyone!

    Today another attempt at stamping... but maybe a bit too subtle and definitely not durable enough.

    indoors, no flash

    As base color I used the beautiful dark gray OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! (Germany collection) and mattified it with China Glaze Matte Magic. After that I stamped on it using a gray holographic polish: El Corazon Prisma 423/30 and imageplate MoYou London Suki 08. The El Corazon polish stamped like a dream and I only had to redo one nail due to my own clumsiness.

    When I did my nails yesterday evening I thought the base and the stamping polish were way too close in shade because the only way I could see any of the stamping was in direct light and even then the swirls were hardly visible and it looks quite messy. This morning, when I took the picture in normal daylight, I had no trouble with seeing the pattern at all. I actually like this manicure better than I originally thought I would :)

    Unfortunately a night's sleep proved to much for the stamping polish. I didn't put topcoat over it because I wanted to keep the matte base and as you can see in the picture, the stamping on my index and middle finger had rubbed off during the night. I guess I have to call this a failure after all but I do like the combination of matte base color and holographic stamping. Maybe the lines of the image were too thin so the polish could be rubbed off so I'll definitely try this with a different image before I write it off completely.

    These are the polishes I used:

    OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, El Corazon Prisma 423/30

    Do you prefer a stamped manicure with two very different colors or do you like a more subtle approach?

    El Corazon Prisma 423/30 was bought from Hypnotic Polish.

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