• Limited Edition “VISIONairy” by Catrice

    Hi everyone!

    I had to pick up some cotton pads from the local drugstore this morning and I couldn't help myself, I had to take a peek at the Catrice display. Imagine my surprise when I saw a brand new limited edition display, VISIONary. Of course the four polishes ended up in my basket :)

    From the Catrice website:
    Surrealistic Expression. The surreal world between dreams and reality serves as the inspiration for the latest fabulous fashion collections: exciting cuts for voluminous forms and elaborate details whisk you away to experimental foreign dimensions. The colour scheme of the extraordinary and artistic creations is immersed in a veil of grey mist. In January 2015, fresh apricot, delicate antique rose, bright blue-green and intensive grey set multifaceted accents as contrasting shades in the Limited Edition “VISIONairy” by CATRICE to complete this look. Welcome to Surreality – by CATRICE.

    All polishes are sold in square bottles that hold 11 ml (the same amount as an a-england bottle). The caps are square as well but they come off to reveal a smaller ribbed round one that is a lot easier to use. The brushes are quite thin and cut straight, so no wacky hairs sticking out this time. They are 50 eurocents more expensive than the usual round bottles, so they sell for € 3,59 each. The dry time of all polishes was surprisingly fast. By the time I finished five nails, the first one was dry to the touch already (or maybe that means I'm a slow painter... could be that ;)

    Anyway, the colors!

    Catrice VISIONary C01 Mystic Moments - indoors, no flash
    The first polish is called Mystic Moments. It's a metallic silvery taupe colored polish that is packed with tiny pink glitters that don't really show up on the nail unless the light hits it so you see unexpected pink specks when you move your fingers. You can see the brush strokes but it's not too bad. In the picture you see two medium thin coats, no top coat. I added a close up so you can see the pink glitters.
    Mysic Moments close up - indoors, no flash

    Catrice VISIONary C02 Veil of Vision - indoors, no flash
    The second polish is called Veil of Vision. It's a very sheer pearlescent pink polish with a beautiful blue shimmer. In the picture you see one coat except on my ring finger where I painted on three coats to see if it would become opaque. As you can see it doesn't get much better, just more milky and not very appealing as far as I'm concerned but I expect to wear this as a layering polish anyway so I'll stick to one coat.

    Catrice VISIONary C03 Greencard to Surreality - indoors, no flash
    The third one, Greencard to Surreality, is a sheer but very sparkly mint green polish with a foil finish. In the picture you see two coats as the first coat left quite some bald spots. The second coat wasn't easy to put on either because the polish underneath tended to drag and the formula is quite runny so I had to be careful not to flood my cuticles (which happened anyway so there are still some glitters to be seen even after clean up). Removing this one was a bit of a pain. Glitters were absolutely everywhere and I had to wash my hands several times to get rid of them... It's a cute polish though and I'm pretty sure my nieces will go crazy over the sparkles ;)

    Catrice VISIONary C04 Greyhound to Nowhere - indoors, no flash
    And last but not least the one that looked most interesting to me in the bottle: Greyhound To Nowhere. And it did not disappoint! Greyhound to Nowhere is a gorgeous dark gray suede that is opaque in one coat! You read that correct, in the picture you see just ONE COAT of polish.

    Greyhound to Nowhere with top coat - indoors, no flash
    There is a beautiful silvery shimmer in it that make sure the polish doesn't look flat and when top coated it turns into a gorgeous sparkle. To me this is the star of the collection and if you only want to buy one polish of this collection, I definitely recommend this one!

    Have you seen this new limited edition collection already? Which polish do you like best?


    1. OMG I love Greyhound To Nowhere!! *cries* Especially the name.

    2. Keeping my fingers crossed it will be released overseas as well! :)


    Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!